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Okay…I’m ready to be done now.

The advisor is very pleased with my thesis so far.

James Blake is magic.

Translating Homer

Here’s a quote from what I’m translating:

ό γάρ βασιλήι χολωθείς νούσον ανά στρατόν ώρσε κακήν, ολέκοντο δέ λαοί

Which roughly translates to:

For, being angry at the king, he (Apollo) aroused an evil pestilence upon the army, and the soldiers kept dying.

The upshot of this passage seems to be “don’t piss off priests whose gods can arouse an evil pestilence”.


I have decided to leave Facebook. Since a few people will perhaps be following this blog from time to time merely because I mentioned it in a status, I would like to take this time to salute them for caring. 


Calculation Rafael Araujo

How could I not reblog this?


Le più belle rappresentazioni di librerie e biblioteche fatte con le Lego. Le aveva raccolte Book Riot, nell’Agosto 2013. Ma ci piacciono ancora nel 2014 :)

Guarda tutte le immagini: LEGO Libraries and Bookstores


A Short Treatise Concerning the Diachronic Identity of Material Objects: being an investigation into the manner of persistence through space-time of objects of ordinary discourse.
I’m titling my thesis after the manner of David Hume. 
The philosophical climate in which I grew up in Oxford was one of extreme aridity. The ability not to be convinced was the most powerful part of a young Philosopher’s armory: a competent tutor could disbelieve any proposition, no matter how true it was, and the more sophisticated could not even understand the meaning of what was being asserted.

J.R. Lucas

I can’t help but feel that the contemporary philosophy of time/persistence debate is somewhat like this.